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miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015

A BiT of Fun Evolving [Prensa]

Envío de prensa desde BiT Evolution

 Orlando, May 19th, 2015:  Major Games, Inc., an Orlando game development studio, proudly announces the release of their debut project, “BiT Evolution.” The game will be available for PC and Mac, June 9th, 2015. Currently available on Steam Early Access, the title has already sold over 8000 copies and has received very positive feedback from the gaming community. This Early Access push took less than five months, and is ready to take the 2D retro gaming community by storm. Connor VanDyke, President of Major Games, guided and executed this release, readying it for the world to enjoy. “I’m extremely proud of my team for getting BiT Evolution shipped in such a timely fashion,” VanDyke says, “It’s been a crazy five months and we’re excited to see this game in more players’ hands.”

BiT Evolution is a self-described “love-letter” to the games that inspired many Major Games team members to fall in love with gaming and develop games of their own. Players will become “BiT”, a puck from a table-tennis game influenced by Pong. Looking to break free from his paddle overlords, BiT discovers new worlds inspired by the iconic platforms of Atari, Gameboy, NES, and SNES. Should BiT happen to come to an early demise, BiT is transported to the the Realm of Code, an alternate dimension filled with the dangerous glitches all gamers fear. This Dual-World mechanic is sure to challenge even the greatest puzzle solvers, while allowing players to relive the history of platform gaming.

 BiT Evolution’s release was greatly influenced by the efforts of Major Games’ accelerator, Burnout Game Ventures, LLC, and its Founder, Rupert Meghnot. “It’s always exciting watching a team ship their first title,” Meghnot says, “Our goal has always been to teach developers how to make a successful business out of the games they create, and I know Major Games’ release of BiT Evolution is the first of many!” The game will be released on June 9th, 2015 for only $9.99, as the game leaves Steam Early Access. Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the nostalgic world of BiT Evolution!

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