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domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2015

Super Axe Boy [kickstarter]

Super Axe Boy [kickstarter]

Super Axe Boy, el juego está en campaña:
Super Axe Boy has finished its pre-production stage. The game design is written, the main character and core gameplay elements are done, the story is outlined and the game is running smoothly in its game engine already.
The game's video trailer has been captured fully and with no alterations in the game's engine, thus serving as a proof-of-concept of the game's technology and gameplay mechanics.
As a next step, graphical (enemies, game objects, levels) and audio assets need to be created, in order to finish the game. This process takes time and money. Thus, the game is now on Kickstarter in order to involve the community and make Super Axe Boy happen!

Enlace a la campaña en kickstarter