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miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

 Clean up the grizzly aftermath of Santa's bloody rampage!! #IndieGameStand

 Clean up the grizzly aftermath of Santa's bloody rampage!!

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Tragedy! Santa; the toy giving folk-hero, and purveyor of fine Christmas goods, has had enough. Endless requests from greedy children wanting more and more every year, tax increases, pressure from elf unions, bills, reindeer!

It is your duty, as an employee of Polar Sanitation Inc, to clean up the grizzly aftermath of Santa's bloody rampage. Elves, reindeer and ruined masonry from Santa's brief breakdown are all strewn across his famous workshop.

So don your cap, grab your mop, and get this place sorted out so the company can get a replacement in here ASAP, and restore Christmas for another generation!

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Key Features

  • Janitorial Simulation – Step into the boots of a space-station (or in this case, North pole) sanitation technician and experience the highs and lows of the job.
  • Santa's Workshop – Explore Santa's infamous workshop and discover the story that lead up to the tragic events you're here to clean up.
  • Clean – It's your job to clean up the mess, so clean it up you shall! Use your trusty mop, gloves, dispenser machines and sniffer tool to help you get all that blood out of the floor! You can even try and punch-out if you think you've done your job.
  • Sandbox Gameplay – Don't want to clean? Just want to make more of a mess and play around with the physics? Go ahead!
  • Multiplayer – You can even enlist some friends/coworkers to come and help you clean up (or make even more mess). Split-screen co-op is available too!

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Can you beat the average?

Beat the average price to unlock Rooks Keep!

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New release – Artificial Infiltration

Invade hostile computer systems, breach their defenses, and achieve control. You are the first of your kind, an AI, and there are many that disagree with your existence. Your creators have defended the right for both your life and that of those who may come after you. With the spread of war between the species, the final battle for has come and you are the only hope to save lives.

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New release – Pixel Pirates

Pixel Pirates

A rogue-like-online-multiplayer-pirate-ship-race-game.


Be first to cross the finish line to get the treasure.

You and your crew must cross the finish-line before the opposing team. You can use cannons to destroy the opponents sails. Use the rudder to sail faster. Go fish for cannon-balls, gold for repairs and hp. Create a host and connect your friends in this battle to the finish-line-game.

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New Free Game – Waifu Fight Dango Style Demo

Waifu Fight: Dango Style is an exciting new retro-type action based game incorporating a unique mix of intense gameplay and attractive, anime-style character artwork! You and your Waifu of choice will square off against an opponent by bouncing dangos between one another until you break through each other's defense! Waifu Fight is a crazy mix between the wall breaking mechanics of Breakout, the narrative and sexual elements of HuniePop, the special attacks and combos of Street Fighter, and the retro action from good old fashioned Pong! Unlike its contemporaries in the ecchi game field, Waifu Fight incorporates its characters as a gameplay element—frequently a character will pop into the middle of the screen and your dangos will bounce off of her cute and sexy body! Combine this with a robust suite of items and power-ups, the paths to victory become nearly endless!

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