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viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Get ready to show off your garden skills with Plantera! #IndieGameStand

Get ready to show off your garden skills with Plantera!

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In Plantera you build your own garden and watch it grow with new plants, bushes, trees and animals. As you play and expand your garden you will attract helpers, round blue creatures that will help you pick up things and harvest your plants. If you want you can pluck trees and harvest plants yourself, or let your helpers do the work for you while you watch or build and invest in new plants.

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Go up in level to unlock new plants, bushes, trees and animals and continue to expand and improve your garden!

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Supercontinent Ltd

Supercontinent Ltd is a narrative adventure about making phone calls in a distant future's rainy night.

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Shape a new land and build a sustainable place to live in! 

World-builder card-based game. Drag tiles to the grid to place them. Each type of tile has different placement restrictions and effects. Fill the board to end the game. Some advanced rules are included in the game.


Hints: Use your mouse for pretty much everything. "R" to reset. 

Note: We ended up with just 12h to work on our Ludum Dare entry, so "Dawning" is probably way far from being well-balanced. Prepare to watch your world burn 😛

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Dexter Stardust – Adventures in Outer Space: Night of the Hollow Moon

OUTER SPACE! Years ago the system was plagued with war between the oppressive Coalition of Planets and the United Independents. Freedom was lost when the Coalition defeated the United Independents and took control over the entire system. But something from before the conflict still remains. Release from the iron-fisted Coalition may still be possible… but where could it be found? Who has the ability to overcome the indomitable?

Play Dexter Stardust, dashboard hula-girl salesman and son of the famous Bayard Alexander Stardust, in this traditional point and click adventure as you discover the hidden wonders of the solar system and unravel the mysteries of the HOLLOW MOON! 

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